The Mom Next Door
From the Webmasters Perspective:

As I am sure many of you are big breast fans like myself, you will appreciate this site. I have loved big tits ever since I was a boy and June is a major reason why. She used to live next door to me when I was about 14. She lived there with her now ex husband and their kids. I remember from the first day they moved in watching her unload their stuff and seeing her huge breasts. From that moment I knew I had to at least see her breasts.

June used to mow the lawn herself. I would sit in my bedroom window and jerk off watching her push the mower around. She never really noticed me. lol. There were a few times that I actually peeped in her window and saw her fucking her husband. The first time I saw her tits naked, she was riding her husband and they were flopping around like crazy!! I wanted to jerk off right there, but I was scared shitless someone would catch me. So I ran home and did it to the memory.

It wasnt until we were at the community pool that we first spoke. She had on a one piece and was there with only her kids. I told her that I lived next door to her and volunteered to do yard work or house work for her being the helpful young lad that I was. :-)

It wasnt long before I was going over there at least once a week to do some kind of odd job or another out of the "kindness of my heart". lol Going over there gave me plenty of opportunities to sneak a peak at her clothed tits and she even walked around sometimes without a bra on under her shirts! Holy shit! I can tell you, I whacked off in their bathrooms a few times. Eventually I got a key to their place so I could do chores, baby sit etc.

Luckily for me, it turned out that June was a bit of an exhibitionist. One day as I was pulling weeds in their backyard, I heard her singing. I didnt know what the hell was going on. As I got closer to the house I could hear that she was in the shower and the water was running. My heart nearly popped out of my chest because I knew that the door to the master bedroom had a keyhole that could be seen through. I knew this because I had covered it up a few times when I was in their "going to the bathroom".

I rushed inside and upstairs past the kids watching tv in the living room. I didnt care. I knew they were glued to it and the husband wasnt going to be home for a few hours. My hands were shaking as I went into the bedroom and got closer to the bathroom door. What I saw when I peeped through that keyhole was nothing short of amazing........

To be continued

Words from June:

I must admit I was not really interested in having my face on the web. But my friend, the webmaster of this site and a few others, showed me just how popular some of the other women with big breasts are. I want to thank all of you who have been responding so kindly to my picture posts and given me the confidence to go ahead with this.

By the way, I will neither confirm nor deny some of the stories told about me here...especially the ones that happened when I was married ;-)

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